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Discover our world of raw, cool and tarnished browns. New IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay introduces a palette of cool browns, from stand-out tones to minimalistic shades, all with a powdery matte finish – for a soft, urban look!


With IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay shades, experience our first dual system application trend collection, featuring shades in both IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE assortments – truly meeting hairdresser and client needs.


Watch the video to meet our amazing Global Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison and learn more about her take on these inspiring new shades!

IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay
Ashy Cedar
Ashy Cedar



IGORA Ashy Cedar – IGORA's strongest neutralizing shades with hues of petrol, for neutral and matte brown results, especially when lifting or highlighting dark bases.


Discover the new IGORA Ashy Cedar look created by our Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.


Using her signature 'Alice Band' technique by placing vertical bands, Lesley creates an exciting interplay of cool and neutral browns for a sophisticated look with a frosty aesthetic. Get inspired and dive into the world of ashy browns!

Ashy Cedar
Earthy Clay
Earthy Clay



IGORA Earthy Clay – muted, earthy and dusted brown shades create a sophisticated and iridescent look for upgraded bare beauty! Explore the world of tarnished browns for beautiful, cool color results.


Discover the new IGORA Earthy Cedar look created by our Global Color Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.


Using the 'Alice Band' technique by placing horizontal bands, Lesley creates a sophisticated combination of seductive browns and a unique color transition. For a fascinating fusion of warm and cool shades and a beautiful brown color result.

Earthy Clay
Lesley Jennison



The new shades have been specifically designed to meet the need for strong neutralization after lifting or highlighting darker bases.


The unique pigment mix counteracts unwanted red/orange undertones and provides outstanding cool, matte brown results with a powdery finish. For sophisticated and beautiful looks!


Thanks to IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay being available within the IGORA ROYAL and IGORA VIBRANCE assortments, working with the dual application method has never been easier! Hairdressers can easily use the matching IGORA VIBRANCE shades to refresh the mid-lengths and ends of an IGORA ROYAL service, where permanent color is only required on re-growth areas. This means more service opportunities for hairdressers and more choice for clients, as well as improved hair condition, shine and color vibrancy.